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If American Airlines needed storage for pretzels, how much space would they need?
How Much Self Storage Do They Need? American Airlines Edition

By Alex Hassel, Flying can be pretty stressful. You have to wait in line, check your baggage, go through security, and if you’re really lucky, your flight will leave on time. However, once you do make it up in the air, there’s the constant worry ...
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Hand wearing white glove wiping surface
StorageMart Gets Serious with White Glove Test

By Alex Hassel, The white glove test is known for setting a high standard in cleanliness. In such a scenario, someone wearing a pair of white gloves will run a finger along a spot to see how much dust or dirt can be found. With ...
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Building 19 in Boston is being turned into a self storage facility
Boston Discount Store Finds New Life with Self Storage

By Alex Hassel, A chain of discount stores in the northeastern part of the U.S. known as Building 19 went bankrupt and closed all 13 of its stores in 2013. After sitting vacant for three years, GRE Norwood, LLC and its partner Jumbo Capital Management, ...
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Houston, Texas skyline
SurePoint Self Storage Building New Facilities in Houston

By Alex Hassel, There’s a new self storage business in town, and in Houston, Texas, you’re about to see a lot more of it. SurePoint Self Storage is building three new self storage facilities in the Houston area and just announced a fourth property under ...
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How much storage would 7,000 DeLoreans need?
How Much Self Storage Do They Need? DeLorean Edition

By Alex Hassel, Finding a DeLorean to drive is no longer a matter of looking back in time. According to an article from NBC News, the DeLorean Motor Company has announced that a limited number of 300 new DMC-12s will be rolling out of its ...
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Automated self storage facility in North Carolina
10 Federal Storage Opens Automated Facility in North Carolina

By Alex Hassel, Ever wish you could make your self storage facility safer while cutting down on employees? Brad Minsley, co-owner of 10 Federal Storage, says he’s made it happen thanks to Janus International’s and PTI Security Systems’ SecurGuard Electronic Lock. Add web and kiosk ...
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Ohio arts & crafts store becomes a U-Haul facility
Former Ohio Arts & Crafts Store Becomes U-Haul Storage Facility

Alex Hassel, When the life was gone from an old arts and crafts store in North Canton, Ohio, developers saw the empty shell as an opportunity for a self storage facility. U-Haul acquired the 26.71-acre property and repurposed it into U-Haul Moving & Storage of ...
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Man reviewing report
The Mele Group Shares 2016 Self Storage Trends Infographic

By Alex Hassel, Would you like to take a look into the future of self storage? The Mele Group has a crystal ball for you. After surveying nearly 100 self storage facility owners and REITS about their thoughts on the industry over the next year, ...
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Scaffolding on the side of a building
Inland Private Capital Corporation Teams Up with Metro Storage LLC

By Alex Hassel, Inland Private Capital Corporation (IPCC) recently announced a new relationship with Metro Storage LLC. IPCC says this marks the beginning of its newest investment platform, which will focus on acquiring and owning self storage properties across the country. While this is a new ...
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How much self storage would The Bachelor contestants need?
How Much Self Storage Do They Need? The Bachelor Edition

By Alex Hassel, To the pure joy of many—and the intense misery of others—ABC’s The Bachelor returned for its twentieth season on January 4, 2016. In this season, 28 women—whether for the sake of love or the desperation of the television spotlight—will leap over well-placed ...
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A Hollywood studio is turning into a self storage facility.
Hollywood Special Effects Studio Turns Self Storage

By Alex Hassel, Sad news, film geeks. Award-winning Hollywood makeup artist and special effects genius Rick Baker sold his old workshop, Cinovation Studios, to Morelli Brothers Enterprises LLC for $7.4 million. You’ve seen Baker’s work in classic films like An American Werewolf in London, Harry and ...
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Los Angeles interstate
Sovran Self Storage Announces $398 Million in Acquisitions

By Alex Hassel, Self storage REIT Sovran Self Storage, Inc. is announcing some big moves for the start of 2016. The company, which operates self storage facilities under Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, has announced it's entering into contracts to acquire 25 self storage facilities in ...
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How much storage is needed to house the world's hidden artwork?
How Much Self Storage Do They Need? Famous Artwork Edition

By Alex Hassel, When Indiana Jones shouted “It belongs in a museum!”, the character may not have realized what could happen when some historic items came into the hands of certain curators. According to a recent Quartz article, a large amount of the world’s most ...
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20lb dumbbells on the floor
IM Modern Fitness Center to Become Storage Facility

By Alex Hassel, Can you convert an old fitness club into a self storage facility? The answer is yes.  The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Montello St., LLC plans to convert what used to be IM Modern Fitness Center into a self storage facility ...
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People raising hands
OpenTech Alliance Absorbs Storage Treasures LLC

By Alex Hassel, OpenTech Alliance recently announced that it has taken a majority stake in North America’s largest online and on-site self storage auction platform, Storage Treasures LLC, known for As part of Storage Treasures’ terms for the deal, OpenTech has signed a long-term ...
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Glasses of red and white wines
STORE Self Storage & Wine Storage Hosts Monthly Wine Tasting Events

By Alex Hassel, Using some unique resources, STORE Self Storage & Wine Storage of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has made itself an exciting place for community gatherings. What’s unique about STORE Self Storage & Wine Storage isn’t just that it offers both storage units and wine ...
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How much storage would the Powerball winners need for their money?
How Much Self Storage Do They Need? Powerball Edition

By Alex Hassel, The January 13, 2016, Powerball jackpot was the biggest in history: $1.6 billion. Lottery officials quickly announced that three winners would share the prize. USA Today says winners came from California, Florida, and Tennessee. Each winner now gets $533 million. Winners can receive ...
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Blue Volkswagen Beetle
Self Storage Burglars Hit 30 Units and Steal Classic Car in Richmond, PA

By Alex Hassel, It’s every self storage operator’s worst nightmare. It’s every renter’s worst nightmare. But despite several layers of security, determined burglars can still find a way into a facility. The most recent case comes from East Penn Self Storage near Fleetwood, Penn. Police told ...
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Palm Beach, Florida
Elite Stor Capital Partners Starts 2016 with Seven New Properties

By Alex Hassel, A West Palm Beach, Fla., equity investment firm is off to a strong start in 2016. In mid-January, Elite Stor Capital Partners LLC (ESCP) announced seven self storage acquisitions across three states. The seven properties come from six different sellers in three different ...
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