Why you should use triggered emails
Understanding Triggered Emails

Email overload is becoming an issue for consumers, and it could start hurting your business. Similar to how ad-blocking software came about after online ads got out of hand for consumers, Google Chrome and other Internet browsers have started adding extensions, like Inbox Pause for ...
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Man using smartphone and laptop to check social media
Digital Marketing: What’s New On Facebook and Twitter?

In August 2015, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that for the first time the social media site had 1 billion users login on a single day. Fast forward to November, where they now experience 1.01 billion active users per day. On Twitter, video ...
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Young woman with laptop
How Can Blogging Improve Your Storage Website’s SEO?

If you have been working on improving your business’ digital marketing, chances are you’ve been told you need to be blogging, or are considering it. Blogs are very useful places to host a steady flow of content about or relating to specific topics. What’s the ...
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Overhead photo of person using a laptop on wooden table
Time Frames for Self Storage Digital Marketing

If you were to search for something as random as “fluffy hippo” on Google, you’d surprisingly get accurate results in less than a second. Those quick results are satisfying and something we’ve come to expect in the digital age. So, when it comes to digital ...
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Hands typing an email on a laptop.
Self Storage Email Marketing Best Practices

Email, at least in its early form, has been around for 40+ years. Widespread use of email by the general public has been around for the last 20 years or so. However, with the relatively recent birth of social media, email doesn’t seem to be ...
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Three pairs of women's hands using cell phones
Three Reasons Why Self Storage Facilities Need a Website

Storage facilities today are in a good place. The need for self storage is on the rise and the ability for storage seekers to find a storage unit near them is becoming easier with the increase in storage facility construction. With such a large influx ...
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Woman's hand holding printed photograph of landscape
Using Instagram to Promote Self Storage

Standing out. It’s what self storage facilities have to do at the local level. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest help local operations differentiate themselves from the competition. You can officially add Instagram to that list now, too. Instagram is a popular photo sharing app ...
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Woman working on laptop
Engage More Self Storage Customers with a Great Twitter Feed

Making the decision to use Twitter to market your self storage facility is a good one. Twitter is made for real-time user interaction and provides ample opportunities to engage with your customers. It’s perfect for branding your facility and differentiating from your competition, too. But what should you ...
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