General FAQs

Why should I use Storage.com?

The Storage.com team has been a part of the self storage industry for more than 20 years and has been working since the late 1990s to build a platform that helps self storage operators of all sizes compete more effectively online. With Storage.com’s directory services, you have more opportunities to get your storage facility found online by potential renters.

What does Storage.com do to help self storage operators?

At Storage.com, we want to provide useful self storage marketing services that improve your bottom line and provide a good return on investment. Unlike other self storage marketing services, we want to help operators compete equally within their respective markets, regardless of size. We strive to always improve our products to make day-to-day self storage management easier on operators.

How many member facilities does Storage.com have?

More than 7,000 self storage facilities across the United States are Storage.com members. We accept new members from cities all over the United States.


Directory FAQs

How does listing on Storage.com’s directory help market my self storage facility?

By listing your facility on Storage.com’s directory, you can be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines for terms like “self storage near me” or “self storage in [city].” You’ll also show up whenever a self storage seeker browses our website for units in your zip code, city, and state.

I already have a website. Why should I list on Storage.com?

A website is something all self storage operations should have. A listing on Storage.com simply expands your online footprint. Think of Storage.com as another way for customers to find you online.

What do Storage.com listings include?

Listings includes pertinent information about your facility and available units to help the self storage seeker make an informed choice—location, phone number, available unit sizes, pricing, amenities (climate control, RV parking, etc.), office hours, photos, and more.

Do I have to list ALL of my units on Storage.com?

No. Which units you want to make available to self storage seekers on Storage.com is up to you.

How do Storage.com visitors find my listings?

Self storage seekers on Storage.com can find your listing in many ways. They can search by zip code, city, state, university, or military base. Zip code and address are the most common ways visitors to Storage.com search for storage facilities.

If someone comes to Storage.com from a search engine, do they have to search again for my facility?

No. If a self storage seeker comes to us from search engine results, using the terms “storage unit in [city]” (or something similar), they’ll be taken to listings in the location they searched for.

What do I need to do to get my listings live on Storage.com?

Signing up is quick and easy. You provide your facility location(s), contact information, hours of operation, available unit sizes, prices, and photos. We take care of everything else. Your listings are live, viewable, and able to be reserved shortly after we get your information.

How do I know if someone reserves a unit through Storage.com?

When someone reserves a unit through Storage.com, you receive an email from us notifying you. If we are integrated with your property management software, we also place the reservation in your system. On the scheduled customer move-in day, we send another email, and you have 48 hours to confirm whether or not the tenant has moved in.

What happens if I don’t respond to Storage.com’s tenant move-in confirmation email?

After 72 hours with no response, we’ll consider the tenant moved in and will bill for the booking. If the tenant has changed move-in dates, we can update that for you and send another email on the new move-in day. If there are changes in reservation, you can always call us and speak to an account manager and we’ll make adjustments.

Will I receive contact information of new tenants from Storage.com?

Yes. Storage.com requires shoppers reserving through our website to provide their name, phone number, and email address. This information is sent to you in the notification emails we send facilities when units are reserved at Storage.com.

What management systems does Storage.com integrate with?

Storage.com integrates with three popular systems: Centershift 4.0, eDomico, and Self Storage Manager. We are working to integrate with all property management systems. We also offer manual updating of pricing/availability.

What is Storage.com’s directory pricing model?

When you list on Storage.com, you only pay for confirmed move-ins equal to 1 month rental rate per move-in. Each new tenant costs you 1 month rental rate. You’ll never pay for impressions, clicks, or another hard-to-qualify metric, because we’ll never charge for them. We’ll notify you when someone reserves through Storage.com, and then we’ll ask you if they moved in. If yes, we’ll bill you. If not, no charge. It’s incredibly simple.

When and how will Storage.com bill me?

Storage.com uses anniversary billing. Any costs that have been incurred via confirmed move-ins over the course of the month are billed on your joining date each month.

What are my payment options?

You can pay via all major credit cards or by ACH.

What is Storage.com’s cancellation policy?

Membership is month-to-month, and there is no long-term agreement. There are no setup or cancellation fees.

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