Photos from SiteLink's 2016 User Conference

17 May SiteLink Celebrates 2016 User Conference Success

By Alex Hassel,

SiteLink, a leader in web-based software and payment processing in the self storage industry, held its fifth user conference on April 24, 2016 at the Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. After taking a year off in 2015, the annual conference came back with a bang.

The company holds the conference to highlight its leadership in the storage industry. In 2016, the event brought record attendance and showcased the new browser-based SiteLink myHub. More than 20 technology partners showed how their systems integrated with SiteLink, an aspect the company says gives owners the freedom to choose the right partner or partners for their operation.

“The variety of seminars allowed us to explore more functionality than we find by just using the system,” says Phil Murphy, President of Next Door Storage. “A software as robust as SiteLink always delivers tools some owners have not yet discovered. The user conference shows solutions to problems we didn’t know SiteLink can solve. I think it’s the goal of any company to reach a level where they can pull off a conference like this.”

The conference was also a host to many educational sessions and panel discussions. Two tracks catered to daily operators, as well as owners and district managers. Those already using SiteLink shared their real-world experiences along with the company’s staff in an interactive Q&A.

SiteLink held presentations to show how its many tools work. The company says crowd favorites were apparent. The SiteLink eSign™ has grown in popularity by offering a built-in signature capture and electronic document storage. SiteLink says it’s delivering more rentals, adding rentals to websites, and reducing printing costs.

The company adds that attendees were intrigued how Price Optimizer, the revenue management tool, grows rent revenue without losing clients, and SiteLink Merchant Services, the payment processor, gives better reports and audit tools to lower credit card rates.

SiteLink myHub was the biggest hit. The company says the SiteLink Web Edition browser counterpart offers more functionality. It adds myHub will continue to evolve through 2016 to become more user-friendly and offer more functions than Web Edition.

CallPotential, one of SiteLink’s technology partners also debuted its new SmartKIOSK at the conference. It’s a tablet-based system that can be used indoors or outdoors and integrates seamlessly with SiteLink Management software. What did turn heads was the tablet’s scanner, which inputs ID and credit card information to complete rental transactions with SiteLink eSign in under two minutes.

After all of the presentations, educational sessions, and panel discussions, most attendees stayed for the afternoon reception, which included a raffle of items like GoPro cameras, Bose Bluetooth speakers, and solar powered chargers.

Photo courtesy of SiteLink

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