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26 Apr Stor-Guard Introduces New Smartlok Overlock System

A new piece of technology is making its debut in the self storage industry. Stor-Guard, a company specializing in design, manufacturing, installation, and security in the storage sector, is introducing its new Smartlok Solutions at the 2016 Inside Self-Storage World Expo.

Stor-Guard says this new system gives facility managers an easy way to monitor storage unit activity and control overlocking using a PC or smartphone.

Stor-Guard President John Wollam says the Smartlok Solutions have earned three patents for self storage overlocking. The system includes the Smartlok Smart-Latch Series and Smartlok Latch-Defender.

The Smart-Latch Series is a security overlock designed to prevent storage unit break-ins. Smart-Latch uses a detector that can sense burglary attempts through a wall or roof. If the system is triggered, it alerts the facility’s office. Wollam says it’s the first of its kind. Smart-Latch also allows tenants to use their own barrel or standard locks with the system.

Stor-Guard says the Smartlok Latch-Defender is an easy way to add security to a facility and can also overlock a defaulted renter’s access to a unit. Both products can retrofit with an existing facility or work well with a new building to offer a functional appearance and service.

“An integral part of Smartlok Solutions are available smartphone apps that give the self storage owner and manager complete control of the facility’s security,” Wollam says. “In addition, tenants can monitor the status of their units and open the gate with Stor-Guard’s virtual keypad.”

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Each Smartlok comes with a door alarm, shock sensor, and heat detector. If a burglar tries to tamper with a lock or door, the shock sensor will sound an alarm. The heat detector will also notify the manager if the lock temperature exceeds 135°F.

Smartlok products also interface with all major self storage software management systems, which allows a self storage manager to monitor and control security from the office or away from the facility with a mobile device.

Stor-Guard says Smartlok is different from the standard hard-wired overlock systems, as well as other wireless door alarms. The company says differences include:

  • Lock installation with Smartlok Wireless takes only one to five minutes per door. Hardwired overlock systems take 45 to 60 minutes per door while other wireless door alarms require five to ten minutes.
  • Lock/sensor maintenance with Smartlok Wireless offers easy access from outside the unit for any lock servicing. Hardwired overlock systems require access to the tenant’s unit and wireless alarms require a ladder for access.
  • Smartlok’s overlock and unit disarm functions are activated at the door with the built-in keypad and auto relocks after 30 seconds. Hardwired overlock systems require entry and exit keypads while other wireless systems don’t have over-locking capabilities or built-in door alarms.
  • The Smart-Latch has added protection with the built-in motion detector to detect entry from another unit or roof. Competing systems don’t have this feature.
  • Smartlok has a built-in shock sensor to detect cutting through the door. Competing systems do not have this feature.
  • Smartlok has a built-in heat detector to monitor environmental conditions. Competing systems don’t have this feature.
  • Smartlok has a built-in battery backup, works when there is no power on-site. Competing systems offer this feature as an option.

Wollam adds that the price for parts and labor for Smartlok are much lower than hardwired overlock systems. The products are now in beta testing, but a wide release is expected later in the summer of 2016.

Images courtesy of John Wollam, Stor-Guard.

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