02 Apr B2 Interactive Acquires Storage.com

By Bill Hipsher, Storage.com

We have some exciting news today regarding Storage.com. After a steady five months of negotiations with Self Storage Co., a subsidiary of Extra Space Management, Inc., we are pleased to announce that Storage.com has been acquired by B² Interactive, a digital marketing agency based in Omaha, Neb.

b2iB² Interactive has been involved with the operation of Storage.com for several years now, previously in the role of website services vendor and more recently as a partner in licensing, marketing, and development. Bill Hipsher and Brandon Taylor, the founders of B² Interactive, have been involved in the storage industry for nearly two decades and built the first online storage directory in 1998. The agency’s team is also comprised of storage and digital marketing professionals with backgrounds in providing online marketing services to the self storage industry.

The sale of Storage.com to B² Interactive includes all intellectual property of Storage.com, the site’s operation in its entirety, and ownership of all domain names associated with Storage.com. The B² Interactive team, which consists of more than 80 professionals will be solely responsible for the operation of Storage.com, as well as further development of the site and its content.

B² Interactive has worked diligently to build a team that can execute what we have long envisioned Storage.com would become. Today, we are no longer limited to where we can take Storage.com. With this acquisition, we are much farther down the path to provide real value for self storage owners and consumers.

In the coming weeks, the self storage industry will see plans for improvements. We want Storage.com to be more than just an online self storage marketplace. We plan to build out services that will enhance the marketing efforts of storage owners, large and small, and offer unique ways to grow their businesses.

It should be emphasized that the storage facilities and self storage consumers using our services will not see any disruptions or changes as a result of this acquisition. Our team operating Storage.com will stay intact, and clients will have the same support and resources they currently enjoy.

We look forward to working with both our self storage clients and consumers to deliver the value they have come to expect from Storage.com, and we are dedicated to serving their needs long into the future.

Read the official press release here.

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