29 Apr Digital Marketing for Niche Self Storage Consumers

Over the course of the past decade, storage facilities have been growing a very large market for themselves. This growth, stemming in part to changes in people’s buying habits and the need for additional storage space, has caused a shift in the way that storage operators market their services. Currently, the new way is niche marketing.

For many, the word “niche” doesn’t always give off a good vibe. It references a small area, and in marketing, you want to reach an area that’s expansive, so it seems a little backward. But there are numerous reasons why marketing to a niche is a good idea. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • It becomes easier to select and speak to your target audience. This is because what you’re marketing for is selective. You’re defining a specific feature that your storage facility offers and finding the people who need that and only that.
  • Becoming an expert in the industry can happen much quicker. Due in part to focusing on only one or a few features that your target audience is looking for, you can consistently put out information pertaining to those few ideas. In doing so, you become the leader in that niche, giving you a leg up on your competitors.
  • Your website can more steadily grow its SEO value. By being an industry leader, having an audience that wants to see the information you put out, and producing content consistently, you provide search engines with the stuff they need to rank you higher. The main thing to remember is that most consumers search for storage facilities through specific keywords. With content based around just a few specific keywords, you don’t spread yourself thin, thus boosting SEO value where it matters.

For a more information, Entrepreneur.com and The Wall Street Journal have additional tips on niche marketing to help make sure that your storage facility is marketing to the niche you want.

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