30 Oct Storage.com Awarded Inside Self-Storage’s Best Marketing Services

Storage.com is proud to announce that we’ve been named the winner of the Inside Self-Storage 2014 Best Marketing Services award!

As a website dedicated to helping storage operators around the country secure more rentals in the digital marketing space, it’s truly an honor to be recognized as a leader within the self storage industry.

Our marketing service lineup is designed to provide self storage operators around the nation with new tenants at a low cost. With property management system integrations, Storage.com is truly a hands-off marketing solution. The pay-for-performance model that Storage.com is based around also means operators aren’t throwing money into a service that isn’t providing them with return on their investments. In fact, we only charge members when we provide a new rental for them through Storage.com.

Over the last year, an incredible amount of time and resources have been put into building Storage.com into the marketing service that it is today. We leverage extensive digital marketing work to get Storage.com—and therefore our members—in front of thousands of people who are looking to rent self storage on a daily basis. Because of this, we’ve made significant progress—the storage units we’ve rented for storage operators around the nation are our proof.

But this is only the beginning for us. We have plenty of enhancements in the pipeline and will continue to create a better self storage shopping experience for consumers around the U.S., which will result in Storage.com being a better marketing service for our members.

We’d like to thank Inside Self-Storage for giving us this award, and we hope to win many more in the future!

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