27 Aug Storage.com Partners with Self Storage Specialists

We’ve recently added over 20 self storage facilities throughout Michigan and Ohio to our online storage directory as part of a new partnership with Self Storage Specialists, which is owned and operated by Pogoda Companies. This means storage seekers in cities like Ann Arbor, Clarkston, Kalamazoo, and Lansing, Mich., as well as in Dayton, Ohio, now have more self storage options to choose from.

“Partnering with an aggressive online marketer like Storage.com made good business sense,” said John George, VP of Operations at Pogoda Management Company. “We also like their easy-to-manage, pay-per-rental program. We want our managers to have time to focus on the customer needs, not burdensome paperwork.”

We’re excited to help Self Storage Specialists improve their online reach while driving more rentals to each of their properties. With the digital marketing landscape getting more competitive within the storage industry, it can be challenging to promote a single storage brand that has so many different locations. One of the unique advantages of Storage.com, however, is that the operators can achieve higher levels of visibility in each individual market in a short period of time.

But helping Self Storage Specialists drive rentals is only half of the excitement. We’ll also help provide self storage renters throughout Michigan and Ohio with a better overall experience on Storage.com. As a shop-and-compare website, this is a primary focus of ours. We’re constantly looking to give our users a stronger variety of self storage properties to choose from in all areas of the United States.

Storage.com is dedicated to making the process of renting self storage easier for shoppers and helping facilities fill more units. We feel that the partnership with Self Storage Specialists and Pogoda Companies is another step in that direction.

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