19 Jun Synergy Storage Group Lists Facilities on Storage.com to Drive Rentals

We are excited to announce that Synergy Storage Group has chosen to use Storage.com to further their online presence in multiple self storage markets throughout the United States. This is an addition that will help Synergy Storage Group acquire new tenants for their facilities, as well as improve the overall experience for Storage.com users.

Synergy Storage Group specializes in the development, management, and brokerage of self storage facilities. Currently, the facilities they have under contract are located in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, and Idaho. While each of these self storage markets has their own challenges, the Arizona and Florida markets are among the most competitive in the nation. Capturing the attention of storage consumers in these markets can be difficult and costly compared to less competitive markets.

That’s why Storage.com is such a valuable tool for self storage operations like Synergy Storage Group. Especially in the large markets of Phoenix or Tampa, acquisition costs per customer can often go over $200. With Storage.com, operators know that they can acquire new customers for a one-time fee of $99 per new verified tenant. This means that facilities only pay for new tenants that reserve units from our website and actually move in.

In addition to the low acquisition cost that Storage.com provides, Synergy Storage Group benefits from the previously existing digital marketing presence that Storage.com has built. Building a lasting and effective digital marketing presence is something that takes time, so not having to worry about that part of the marketing solution makes Storage.com convenient and cost effective for storage operations.

For storage operations like Synergy Storage Group that provide property management services, Storage.com makes it easier to get things moving quickly. As new facilities are added under these management services, they can be added to Storage.com within hours. This can be a real asset to management companies that are looking to kick off marketing efforts when they are under contract with a new facility.

While Synergy Storage Group will benefit from the marketing boost that Storage.com provides, storage consumers will also benefit. Storage.com is designed to help those looking to rent self storage find the best storage unit for their needs in a quick and timely manner. The self storage facilities listed by Synergy Storage Group will provide Storage.com users with a larger selection of high-quality facilities to choose from.

Synergy Storage Group has done an incredible job of establishing a strong presence in each of their markets. They are well-known for providing quality self storage experiences to their customers and consistently maintain high occupancy rates. We are honored that they have partnered with Storage.com to drive more rentals to their storage properties, and we look forward to a long relationship.

About Synergy Storage Group

Synergy Storage Group specializes in the management, development, and brokerage of self storage facilities. Currently, Synergy Storage Group has 28 storage facilities under fee management contracts, which are owned by various syndications, partnerships, and sole proprietors and located in Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee, and Idaho. These properties range from small, 300-unit facilities to large, 1,000-unit facilities. The company has a proven track record demonstrated by lease up statistics, enhanced property valuations, and financial performance. All of the properties under contract are at the top of each of their market segments with regard to rate and occupancy performance.

About Storage.com

Storage.com helps storage facilities, large or small, compete more effectively in the online marketplace. Storage.com lists facilities on the largest network of storage directories on the web, allowing potential customers to search for self storage in their area. Storage.com features software integrations with major property management systems and provides easy-to-use online inventory management tools for facilities not using property management systems, allowing consumers to find and rent storage units from real-time availability. Storage.com is the only online marketing tool that delivers exclusive reservations, provides a complete search engine optimization (SEO) package, and is fueled by self storage experts. For more information, visit Storage.com.

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